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Journey Behind the Lens: Presenting the Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour in Gokayama
レンズの向こう側の旅:南砺市VR360度バーチャルツアー in 五箇山をご紹介

Embarking on the journey to film the Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour in Gokayama was not merely a professional endeavor; it was a deeply personal and enriching experience that left an indelible mark on me as SeiRogai achieved this new milestone. The collaboration with Nanto City was our first VR Tour production outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and in the middle of the Japanese Alps no less.

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Trial Teleworking in Toyama

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try the new normal trend of “Working From Anywhere” (WFA) that has been accelerated due to the COVID pandemic. Hence, I recently completed a 2-month trial of teleworking in Toyama Prefecture!

私の新年の抱負のひとつは、COVIDの大流行で加速した「WFA(Working From Anywhere)」という新常識に挑戦することです。というわけで、先日、富山県で2ヶ月間のテレワークトライアルを終えました!

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Rachel Leng Harvard Prize Book

Harvard Prize Book 2020 Awards Ceremony

This year is the first time the Harvard Prize Book Awards were presented virtually, and I was humbled to contribute to the ceremony as the Alumni Awards Presenter for Japan.

From March to June 2021, I prepared a speech addressed to the high school students screened at the awards ceremonies, and met virtually with some of the winners to discuss their interests, ambitions, and dreams.

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Singapore’s Relationship with Rikuzentaka City

The Rikuzentakata Community Hall was built with about 700 million yen in donations from Singapore initiated by the Singapore Red Cross and the Singapore Ambassador to Japan. The one thing that residents of Rikuzentakata needed the most after the tsunami was a place for people to gather. Although they had erected temporary accommodations, they did not yet have anywhere to create a more permanent sense of community.


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Podcast Interview on Geographic Transitions: Secrets and Strategies
ポッドキャストインタビュー: 地理的変遷に関する秘訣と行動計画

Tune in to my podcast interview with Linda Rossetti on Destination Unknown: a field guide! Our conversation is available in the 12-minute episode titled “Geographic Transitions: Secrets and Strategies.”

リンダ・ロセッティさんとのポッドキャストインタビューをDestination Unknown:a field guideでアップロードしました!私たちの12分のエピソードは、「地理的変遷:秘訣と行動計画」について話しましたので、是非お聞きくださいネ~!

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