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Journey Behind the Lens: Presenting the Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour in Gokayama
レンズの向こう側の旅:南砺市VR360度バーチャルツアー in 五箇山をご紹介

Embarking on the journey to film the Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour in Gokayama was not merely a professional endeavor; it was a deeply personal and enriching experience that left an indelible mark on me as SeiRogai achieved this new milestone. The collaboration with Nanto City was our first VR Tour production outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and in the middle of the Japanese Alps no less.

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Discover Hidden Treasures at the Sekine Pawnshop: Your #1 Pre-Loved Luxury Shopping Destination in Tokyo

Join me as we delve into the realm of Japan’s secondhand luxury shopping at the Sekine Pawnshop in the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant Ikebukuro district! We’ll explore their rigorous authentication process that guarantees the authenticity of every item and share insider tips on hunting down amazing vintage luxury bargains. A must-read for your expert guide to pre-loved luxury shopping in Tokyo!

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An Oasis of History and Architecture in the Heart of Gion: Sowaka and La Bombance Gion
祇園の真ん中にある歴史と建築 心のオアシス: 「そわか」と「ラ・ボンバンス祇園」

The Gion (祇園) district of Kyoto is famous for its nostalgic appeal as a place offering visitors a historic atmosphere steeped in the world of traditional Japanese culture and arts. I spent a couple of nights in Kyoto recently and a friend invited me to stay at Sowaka, a charming hotel in the Gion-Yasuka district. The hotel is situated just a 3-minute walk down the street from one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire region, the Yasaka Jinja shrine. In this article, I share a review of my experience at Sowaka and its restaurant, La Bombance Gion. 

京都の祇園は、日本の伝統文化や芸術の世界に浸りながら、歴史的な雰囲気が味わえるノスタルジックな場所として有名です。先日、京都に2泊3日滞在した際、友人に誘われて、祇園・八坂にある魅力的なホテル「そわか」に宿泊しました。このホテルは、この地域全体で最も人気のある観光地のひとつである八坂神社から、歩いてわずか3分のところに位置しています。今回の記事は、「そわか」とそのレストラン「La Bombance祇園」での体験を紹介したいと思います。

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Hanami 2022: My Uncle’s Wish
2022年度のお花見: 叔父の願い

As a metaphor for life itself, the hanami blossoms represent radiant beauty, yet also poignantly highlights the short lived, transient nature of life. This year’s hanami was a very different experience for me as the blooming season coincided with the passing of a beloved uncle… In this article, I wish to share five lessons I learned from my uncle’s last moments.
人生の比喩として、花は輝く美しさを表すと同時に、人生の短さ、はかなさを切実に浮き彫りにしています。今年の花見は、最愛の叔父が亡くなった時期と重なったため、私にとっていつもとは違った体験となりました… 今回は、私の叔父の最後から学んだ5つの教訓をお伝えしたいと思います。

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Trial Teleworking in Toyama

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try the new normal trend of “Working From Anywhere” (WFA) that has been accelerated due to the COVID pandemic. Hence, I recently completed a 2-month trial of teleworking in Toyama Prefecture!

私の新年の抱負のひとつは、COVIDの大流行で加速した「WFA(Working From Anywhere)」という新常識に挑戦することです。というわけで、先日、富山県で2ヶ月間のテレワークトライアルを終えました!

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