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Rachel Leng Harvard Prize Book

Harvard Prize Book 2020 Awards Ceremony

This year is the first time the Harvard Prize Book Awards were presented virtually, and I was humbled to contribute to the ceremony as the Alumni Awards Presenter for Japan.

From March to June 2021, I prepared a speech addressed to the high school students screened at the awards ceremonies, and met virtually with some of the winners to discuss their interests, ambitions, and dreams.

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Dear Harvard Postcard: Reflecting on The Coronavirus Epoch

Recently, I participated in the Dear Harvard project, where alumni write a virtual postcard to connect with the Harvard community to “share a piece of yourself, contribute to an enduring artifact of this time, and bridge our current virtual worlds with the future.”


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Jim Rogers’ Investment Advice

I first met Jim Rogers during one of his trips to Tokyo where he shared his future economic forecast and gave me career advice as a young professional. Curious about his outlook on the impact of the coronavirus and how to be a successful investor in such an unpredictable environment, I recently caught up with him again over Skype! Read on to understand why he warns against investing in Japan for the long term, his outlook on the coronavirus, as well as advice to the next generation for success despite a grim future forecast for the world economy! 


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Interview with The Japan Times

Thanks to The Japan Times for the feature on their Japan Network Updates!

「The Japan Times」(ジャパン・タイムズ)という新聞の記事に掲載されました!英語で書きましたので、一応日本語版も和訳しました。

Japan Times Article Link:

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How to Get Tested for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tokyo

Amid all the confusion in Japan (and globally) with regulatory changes in response to the coronavirus outbreak as infections increase, there is limited updated information in English on how foreign residents and tourists in Tokyo can get tested and treated for the COVID-19 virus. Moreover, much of the information is conflicting or ambiguous.

To clarify important details, I called my Local Ward Health Center (保健所), the Tokyo Covid-19 Call Center (新型コロナ受診相談窓口), and “Himawari,” (ひまわり) the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Medical Advisory Service (東京都 医療機関 薬局案内サービス) providing a help desk for foreigners and non-Japanese speakers numerous times for more information.

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Fukushima Disaster Area Tour

To understand the magnitude of loss that the disaster area has faced, I joined the Fukushima Disaster Area Tour operated by Japan Wonder Travel. I hope to explore the truth behind what is happening now after years of recovery, and how the locals are rebuilding their hometowns.

被災地が直面した損失の大きさを理解するために、Japan Wonder Travelが運営する福島被災地訪問ツアーに参加しました。 長年をかけて回復した後、現在何が起こっているのか、そして地元住民が将来のために故郷をどのように再建しているかの背後にある真実を探求したいと思います。

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