Government of Singapore
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Featured by the Overseas Singaporean Unit in the Prime Minister’s Office as part of the Singapore government’s efforts to engage its citizens overseas (under the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth). (07 Mar 2018) “Giving Back Through Mentorship.”

Harvard Prize Book

Prize Presenter and Speaker on global education opportunities for the Harvard Prize Book at various high schools in Japan, including Junten High School, St. Maur High School, and Shibuya Makuhari High School.

Three Guineas Academy


Rachel participates as an education counsellor with feminist education consulting NPO Three Guineas Academy helping students in China achieve their aspiration of going to U.S. universities through educational mentoring and coaching. Track record of students getting accepted to many Top U.S. Universities, including Columbia, Harvard, Duke, Cornell, UCLA, and Brown Universities.  

Three Guineas Academy (睿己学院) 是由哈佛本科毕业生创办的留学申请咨询机构,旨在培养未来领袖的性别平等意识与公益精神,通过个性化申请咨询、留学申请集训营、与独立社团活动,提高学生的自信心与能动性,开拓每个人的潜力.

DukeEngage in China - Beijing

Rachel was a DukeEngage fellow in 2012, where she taught at the Dandelion Middle School to provide migrant children with arts education and English lessons, creating an active and positive learning environment with a focus on creativity, leadership development, self-discovery, and personal growth.

She also worked on a project to draft a bi-lingual report of the school’s social history by interviewing school staff, students, and volunteers and researching Beijing’s migrant policies and community.

Upon returning to Duke University, she designed and co-taught a seminar class, ‘Social Inequality in China: Education, Minorities, and the Achievement Gap,’ to the next cohort of DukeEngage fellows.

Feature interview as DukeEngage alumni

DukeEngage Stories. (July 12, 2018 by Hesper Linger). “Rachel Leng (’13) Continues to Champion Cross-Cultural Communication.” [Archive]

With migrant children students at the Dandelion School

Ignite Academy

Rachel was invited to be a Seminar Leader at the inaugural Ignite Academy Youth Conference during July 2016 in Guangzhou, China. She taught a course on “Economics in China: The Modern Silk Road” to a group of local high school students.

Ignite Academy || 致知学堂. (July 21, 2016). “明明可以靠脸,却偏偏要靠才华.”  [Archive]

With Ignite Academy students

She was also invited by Ignite Academy to be an Expert Panelist at a special event on “The New Silk Road: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in China (新丝绸之路—中外高峰论坛) where she spoke on the role of Chinese women in leadership and as entrepreneurs. [Archive]


Komatsu Summer School

(Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan)

Rachel served as Speaker and Mentor on liberal arts education and international exposure working with high school students in rural Japan.

She researched and proposed a seminar syllabus to teach a course on women as change-makers in Chinese literature, touching upon issues of gender roles, history, and representations of female characters in popular narratives to Japanese high school students. 

With Komatsu Summer School students in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Rachel volunteers with HLAB, a summer school program that promotes Liberal Arts to Japanese students. She is a Speaker and Mentor to Japanese students on liberal arts education, career, and life goals.
HLAB’s mission is to provide liberal arts education beyond generation and nationality as well as an experimental place (Laboratory) for new framework of educational system in Japan.
[Kyoto, Japan]
Sagano High School x HLAB Forum Speaker on Career & Life Goals
[Tokyo, Japan]
Guest Speaker at Free Interaction Session

K-Move Mentoring

(Seoul and Busan, South Korea)

Rachel was the youngest advisor recruited to the Global Team for the K-Move program, run by the Korean government to support young Korean professionals’ employment into overseas companies.

Rachel was commemorated by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea for her service as an Excellent Mentor in 2017.

K-Move 멘토링이란? 해외진출의 길잡이 K-MOVE 멘토링을 소개합니다.
해외취업을 희망하는 청년들이 원활한 해외취업 및 정착을 할 수 있도록
해당국 취업에 필요한 역량, 준비사항, 현지정보 등 멘토링 지원
Read her interview with K-Move here:
Interviewed in Seoul by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea


StartupBootcamp Scale – Osaka

Rachel is a Business Mentor & Advisor to foreign entrepreneurs aiming to enter the Japan market at Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka.

Duke Business Oriented Women

(Durham, North Carolina, US and International)
Rachel is an Alumni Ambassador and Mentor for the Duke Association for Business Oriented Women.
Duke Business Oriented Women (BOW) empowers business oriented women by promoting industry education, experience and exchange.

She was also featured in an alumni interview feature: “Spotlight on: Rachel Leng” (Summer 2017)