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Lessons on Resilience from 3 Elite Japan Athletes

In this article, I share what I have learned from speaking with 3 top Japanese athletes: Koji Murofushi, Olympic hammer throw gold medallist, Yokozuna Hakuho, one of the greatest Sumo grand champions in Japanese history, and Dai Tamesue, the first Japanese sprinter to win a medal at a World Competition track event. Their words about the mindset required to persevere and overcome setbacks to achieve success have stayed with me during these challenging times brought on by the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. 
今回の記事では、オリンピックのハンマー投げ金メダリストである室伏広治氏、日本史上最高記録の大相撲グランドチャンピオンの1人である横綱白鵬、そして陸上競技の世界大会でメダルを獲得した日本人初の短距離走者である為末大氏のトップアスリート達と話すことから私が学んだことを共有したいと思います。 世界的なCOVID-19の大流行によってもたらされたこれらの困難な時代に、成功を達成するために挫折に耐え克服するために必要な考え方についての彼らの言葉は、私の心にとどまりました。

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Ranked #10 in Japan Blogs & News Websites!

Feedspot has featured my blog in their list of Top Japan Blogs and News Websites to Follow in 2021!
Happy to be featured for the third year consecutively. =)


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Singapore’s Relationship with Rikuzentaka City

The Rikuzentakata Community Hall was built with about 700 million yen in donations from Singapore initiated by the Singapore Red Cross and the Singapore Ambassador to Japan. The one thing that residents of Rikuzentakata needed the most after the tsunami was a place for people to gather. Although they had erected temporary accommodations, they did not yet have anywhere to create a more permanent sense of community.


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Jim Rogers’ Investment Advice

I first met Jim Rogers during one of his trips to Tokyo where he shared his future economic forecast and gave me career advice as a young professional. Curious about his outlook on the impact of the coronavirus and how to be a successful investor in such an unpredictable environment, I recently caught up with him again over Skype! Read on to understand why he warns against investing in Japan for the long term, his outlook on the coronavirus, as well as advice to the next generation for success despite a grim future forecast for the world economy! 


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The 13th Japan International Manga Awards

Last month, I attended the 13th Japan International Manga Awards, where 4 winners were selected from hundreds of submissions from around the world. t first, I expected that many of the submissions would be from China and South Korea (both are countries with popular localized versions of manga, called Manhua 漫画 or Manhwa 만화 respectively), or other East Asian countries. I was surprised to learn that many of the winning works and runner-up nominations came from artists in countries such as Israel, Brazil, Spain, and even far flung countries in Africa and the Middle East such as Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Egypt!

先月、私は第13回日本国際漫画賞の授賞式に参加し、そこで世界中から寄せられた何百もの応募の中から4人の受賞者に会いました。 最初は、応募作品の多くが中国か韓国(漫画のローカルバージョンが人気のある国であり、それぞれ、「マンフア」と「マンワ」と呼ばれています)からのものであると予想していましたが、他の東アジアの国々からの応募もありました。受賞作品や準優勝ノミネート作品の多くがイスラエル、ブラジル、スペインなどの国のアーティストからであり、そしてさらにはナイジェリアやアフガニスタンやエジプトなどのアフリカや中東の遠い国々からの応募作品もあることを知って驚きました!

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Astronaut Chiaki Mukai

Recently, I attended the World Without Disease Pitch Contest in Tokyo and met with Astronaut Dr. Chiaki Mukai. Human space exploration has always fascinated me and I was so glad to have the opportunity to speak with her about her latest research and past experiences.


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