Nakiryu Michelin Starred Ramen


Michelin Star Ramen Shop: Nakiryu

Looking for the best ramen in Tokyo? Nakiryu is the world’s second ramen shop to be awarded one Michelin Star (after Tsuta, which is actually only 1km away)! Located in Tokyo near Ikebukuro, the nondescript 10-seaters ramen restaurant is located down an alleyway about 10 minutes from Otsuka station on foot.

東京で最高のラーメンを探したいですか? 鳴龍は世界で2番目のラーメン店で、1個のミシュランスターが授与されました! 池袋の近くに位置し、大塚駅から徒歩約10分のところに、10人程がすわれるくらいの小さなラーメン屋があります。

Getting There: The Wait

Once you turn the corner onto the street where Nakiryu is located, you will KNOW you are in the right place once you spot all the people waiting in line!!


Perhaps there may not seem to be many people waiting outside the store, but don’t be fooled!! The line snakes around with people waiting opposite the building!!

店の外で待っている人はあまりいないかもしれませんが、だまされてはいけません! 建物の反対側で待っている人たちは何列も蛇行して並んでいます!

We arrived just around noon (the store opens from 11:30am to 3pm for lunch service, or whenever they sell out for the day), and there was a steady stream of about 40 people in line.


You get to take a look at the menu while waiting.

Famous for their prized tantan men (担々麺), a kind of spicy ramen adapted from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, this was the most popular dish on the menu.


*Note that each customer is strictly only allowed one bowl.


Lunch at Nakiryu: Get Ready for Amazing Noodles!

After over an hour of waiting, we finally made it to the front of the line. Luckily, we made it just before the cut off for the day!! Yay!

1時間以上待ってから、ラーメン屋の前に到着しました! 幸いなことに、私たちはその日の麵が売り切れる直前に間に合いました! ヤッタネ~!

Nakiryu has been awarded a Michelin Star since 2017.


When it’s your turn to enter, go over to the vending machine next to the entrance to select your desired items, pay (only coins and small bills accepted, so be sure to break those 10,000 yen bills in advance!), and receive food tickets.

入場するときは、入り口の横にある自動販売機に行き、必要なものを選んで支払い、食券を受け取ります 。^^/

Unfortunately this vending machine is entirely in Japanese, so be ready in advance to try and recognize the characters of the menu items you want!


After placing your order, sit down at the counter and watch the chefs at work. The noodles are literally made and cooked fresh and right in front of you. Their finesse and attention to timing is amazing!

注文の後、カウンターに座って、厨房のシェフを見守りましょう。 ラーメンは文字どおり作られ、目の前で新しく調理されます。 彼らの麵作りの巧みさとタイミングへの注意には目を見張ります!見慣れた麻辣担担麺に海老ワンタン盛り合わせを初めて食べました~

チャーシューは必ずトッピングとして注文してください! それは絶対に美味しいです。

The toppings we ordered:

Tantan men with extra toppings of parsley, soy-dipped egg, braised pork (thin slices and grilled thick slices).

Do not pass the braised pork by!! It was absolutely delicious.

This tantan men was quite unique to any other – a special combination of tonkotsu ramen with spicy tangy flavors inspired by Chinese Sichuan dandan mian had diners slurping down the noodles and broth.


Also tried the soy-sauce based ramen with soy-dipped egg, shrimp wonton, and grilled-pork Canton style. It was delicious to have pork prepared in 3 different ways to go with the noodles! 


Conclusion: Best Michelin-Star Meal Under 1000 yen!

It is almost too good to be true that you can get a Michelin-star meal for under 1000 yen (about US$10)!! However, perhaps the price you pay is the time you spend waiting in line to enter Nakiryu – they do not take any reservations. In my opinion – totally worth a taste for any ramen lover!!



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