2023 Holiday Season and Best Wishes from Rachel


✨🎄 Happy Holidays!🎄✨

As we embrace the holiday season, I wanted to extend my warmest wishes to each and every one of you.


Have you noticed in Japan how meticulously Christmas decorations go up in December, only to swiftly come down on the 26th for New Year prep? It’s an interesting practice that got me thinking: maybe we need a “12 days of Christmas” marketing campaign here too! (You know, like the carol that celebrates the Christmas season lasting until January 5? It just feels like a shame to pack away all the decorations so quickly when Christmas brings so much joy…)


The passing year has been a whirlwind of challenges and growth, an incredible journey teeming with innovation and endless exploration. As we bid farewell to 2023, I find myself pausing to reflect on the extraordinary moments and collective achievements that have shaped our path at SeiRogai.


A Quarter of Exploration and New Ventures


The final quarter of 2023 was an exhilarating chapter for us. We embarked on a journey into the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) tours, aiming to redefine how we connect with and experience diverse landscapes and communities. Through extensive interviews, meticulous fieldwork, and collaborative dialogues, we meticulously shaped the essence of our VR tour concept. Our recent milestone of completing the Gokayama VR360 Virtual Tour in Nanto City of Toyama Prefecture was a pivotal achievement. It marked our inaugural VR tour outside Tokyo and aligned with the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation initiative supported by the Cabinet Office and Digital Agency of Japan. We uncovered never-before-seen vistas during filming and eagerly anticipate sharing this invaluable experience soon (scheduled release in March 2024).


Startup Eligible Project under
Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation


SeiRogai was ranked #42 out of 97 startup projects eligible as part of the Vision for a Digital Garden initiative in Japan promoting smart city initiatives and digital transformation in rural prefectures.


Collaboration, Innovation, & Milestones: Japan Mobility Show, Innovation Leadership Summit, and POC Ground Tokyo

コラボレーション、イノベーション、& マイルストーン:ジャパン・モビリティ・ショウ、イノベーション・リーダーシップ・サミット、そして「スタートアップ社会実装促進事業 (PoC Ground Tokyo)」

This quarter was characterized by fruitful partnerships and engaging endeavors across the city.


Japan Mobility Show 2023

Our invitation to exhibit at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, among an audience of over 2 million visitors, was memorable. Despite our modest booth, the positive reception of our virtual tourism content, especially by children and individuals with disabilities, was immensely rewarding.

Japan Mobility Show 2023に出展し、200万人以上の来場者の中での存在は活気に満ちていました。小さなブースでしたが、特に子供たちや障がいを持つ人々からのバーチャルツーリズムコンテンツへの好意的な受け入れは非常にやりがいがありました!!

Innovation Leaders Summit 2023

It was an honor to represent SeiRogai at the Innovation Leaders Summit 2023, where we were acknowledged by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as one of the Top 15 potential rising unicorn startups in Japan! It was my first time to make a formal presentation in Japanese, so I was extremely nervous but thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our ideas and recent progress on stage.


PoC Ground Tokyo 

Our proposal was selected out of 59 applications by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as part of its POC Ground Tokyo program! We are so grateful for the support from Tokyo to further develop our VR tour technique and platform technology!

SeiRogaiの提案が東京都の「スタートアップ社会実装促進事業 (PoC Ground Tokyo)」の59社の応募の中から選ばれました!私たちのVRツアー手法とDXプラットフォーム技術をさらに発展させるために、東京からのサポートに心から感謝しています!

Preparing for the Path Ahead: Empowering SMEs and Local Governments in Tourism and Global Expansion


Looking towards the horizon of 2024, we are brimming with anticipation. The commitment and pursuit of excellence by our team set the stage for a promising year ahead. As a certified “Japan Brand Development Support Partner” by the SME Agency of Japan, we are committed to facilitating the global expansion of more Japanese enterprises.

This year, the Cabinet Office’s recommendation places us among approximately 40 companies in Japan to support local governments in their advertising and digitalization efforts. We are honored to stand alongside distinguished entities such as JR East, JTB, and Sony Group, etc. From bolstering SMEs and local governments in international promotions to laying the groundwork for our VR system development and DX tourism platform for regional revitalization, each stride takes us closer to our vision.




Newly Certified Drone Pilots!

At SeiRogai, Samuel and I are thrilled to share that we have recently obtained our drone pilot certification! This accomplishment opens up a world of possibilities for us as we eagerly look forward to pushing the boundaries of innovation by utilizing drones for filming across Japan. Our passion for drone technology and cinematography drives us to explore new opportunities and create captivating visual content. If you or your company are in need of experienced drone experts or are interested in exploring innovative ways to utilize filming with drones, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you and bringing our expertise to enhance your projects. Let’s work together to create stunning aerial footage and capture unique perspectives!

Heartfelt Gratitude

None of these milestones and endeavors would have been conceivable without the unwavering support, dedication, and tireless effort of each team member, friend, and advisor. My deepest gratitude to everyone who has inspired and bolstered us on this journey.

Embracing the Spirit of the Season

As we come together to celebrate the holidays, let us cherish moments of joy, reflect on our achievements, and embrace the spirit of giving and gratitude. May this festive season bring warmth, happiness, and renewed inspiration to you and your loved ones.





Thank you for an incredible year filled with shared aspirations and achievements. Here’s to a joyful holiday season and an exhilarating new year ahead! Happy New Year!








About Rachel

Rachel Leng is COO and Co-Founder of SeiRogai, Inc., a Tokyo-based business consultancy & media production company. Previously, she was Leader of Business Development on the Investment Management team at a Japanese private equity fund, as well as Policy Analyst at a top think tank in Seoul, South Korea.

As an East Asia specialist and former Miss Singapore titleholder, Rachel is passionate about the potential of media to educate and raise awareness about history, culture, art, business, and societal issues to enhance mutual understanding.

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