Discover Hidden Treasures at the Sekine Pawnshop: Your #1 Pre-Loved Luxury Shopping Destination in Tokyo

Join me as we delve into the realm of Japan’s secondhand luxury shopping at the Sekine Pawnshop in the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant Ikebukuro district! We’ll explore their rigorous authentication process that guarantees the authenticity of every item and share insider tips on hunting down amazing vintage luxury bargains. A must-read for your expert guide to pre-loved luxury shopping in Tokyo!

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Trial Teleworking in Toyama

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try the new normal trend of “Working From Anywhere” (WFA) that has been accelerated due to the COVID pandemic. Hence, I recently completed a 2-month trial of teleworking in Toyama Prefecture!

私の新年の抱負のひとつは、COVIDの大流行で加速した「WFA(Working From Anywhere)」という新常識に挑戦することです。というわけで、先日、富山県で2ヶ月間のテレワークトライアルを終えました!

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Podcast Interview on Geographic Transitions: Secrets and Strategies
ポッドキャストインタビュー: 地理的変遷に関する秘訣と行動計画

Tune in to my podcast interview with Linda Rossetti on Destination Unknown: a field guide! Our conversation is available in the 12-minute episode titled “Geographic Transitions: Secrets and Strategies.”

リンダ・ロセッティさんとのポッドキャストインタビューをDestination Unknown:a field guideでアップロードしました!私たちの12分のエピソードは、「地理的変遷:秘訣と行動計画」について話しましたので、是非お聞きくださいネ~!

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Setouchi Seaplanes: Luxury Aerial Adventures over the Seto Inland Sea

If like me, you miss being up in the air and flying due to the pandemic and are in Japan, you will want to check out a chartered flight with the Setouchi Seaplanes! No need to worry about social distancing or a 14-day quarantine! 😉

チャーター便ですので、3密を気にしなくても大丈夫ですよ! ^_^/「レイチェルの日本探訪」最新号は「瀬戸内 シー プレーン搭乗記」です~。

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