Saturday Outing in Tokyo


At the Sydney Opera House, one of my favorite performing arts centres because of its beautiful design.


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Do you like concerts? Since young, I have often attended music concerts from philharmonic and opera to contemporary and jazz, and still very much appreciate being in a concert hall surrounded by music… I was surprised to learn that Tokyo actually has many concerts for reasonable/free tickets! Was invited to a Two Piano Concert in Bunkyo-Ku the other day; it was a beautiful performance (click here to watch a video). Bunkyo ward in Tokyo is renowned for being a “city of culture”文京 and an academic and intellectual center, home to the prestigious University of Tokyo, famous parks, and stately residences. After the piano performance, we visited the nearby Printing Museum where we browsed the current exhibits and saw the world’s smallest micro book! (Seriously super tiny! See the photo below~) Initially, I assumed that the museum would be rather uninteresting, but was pleasantly surprised to learn many different things about printing history and techniques.

Finished the day off with some oysters~ Japanese oysters tend to be quite large, especially during the cold winter months, but nonetheless still go well with wine. ^^ Always fun comparing the tastes of oysters from different regions of Japan! 

By the way, it was White Day on March 14th earlier this week. I received so many different gifts from colleagues as Return Gifts for St. Valentines Day! Read more about Valentine’s Day and White Day customs in Japan in previous entries on “Japan’s White Day Custom” and St. Valentines Day 2018!!

Looking for the next fun thing to do in Tokyo? I will be attending a Red Carpet Party next weekend, and you are invited to join (tickets are selling out fast though)! Click HERE for more information & enjoy a 50% discount code! 

Two Piano Concert in Bunkyo Ward



コンサートは文京区で開催されたので、終わった後に近くの印刷博物館を初めて行ってきました。3月まで「World Book Design」という展示会が開催されています!

In front of the Printing Museum in Bunkyo Ward. 

The World Book Design exhibit will be ongoing at the Printing Museum until the end of March, 2018.

The world’s smallest microbook measures a 0.74 x 0.75mm!




Platters of Japanese oysters!


Oysters from different regions of Japan come in various sizes; I personally prefer the smaller oysters! 



ちなみに、今週の水曜日(3月14日)はホワイトデーでしたね。去年は初めての日本のホワイトデーでしたから、「日本特有のホワイトデー風習」について調べて書きました~ 今年のホワイトデーは、下の写真のように2月の「St. Valentines Day 2018 お返しをたくさんもらいました!嬉しかったです~☆

来週の金曜日(23日)には、レッドカーペットネットワーキングパーティーへ行きますよ~ 楽しみにしています! チケットがもうすぐ売り切れそうですが、50%割引コードがありますよ~ 一緒に行きましょうか? 興味があれば、詳しくはここをクリックしてご覧ください~ 


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