Rachel Leng, COO and Co-Founder of SeiRogai, Inc., gave a presentation on the company’s business at the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition 2023.

The presentation was led by Rachel Leng from SeiRogai, Inc., unveiling the company’s services targeting common corporate challenges: a lack of global branding knowledge, ineffective inbound marketing, underutilization of promotional videos for international expansion, and unfamiliarity with marketing strategies. SeiRogai, Inc. aims to resolve these issues by offering comprehensive international expansion support.

Established in 2019 in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, the company specializes in video production, branding, marketing, and support, leveraging extensive expertise in entertainment and education. Their vision is to harness Japan’s appeal through visual storytelling, fostering global understanding and engagement.

Highlighting the global demand for Japanese products and brands, especially in nature, culture, history, food, and specialties, their services include video production, marketing and branding support, business consulting, local marketing collaboration, and assistance with overseas subsidies and applications.

Their successful collaborations with industry leaders like Canon and Sony demonstrate their prowess in tailoring promotional content for specific Southeast Asian markets, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Their all-inclusive promotion service spans market research, marketing strategy planning, subsidy consulting, content creation, and operational support in targeted regions. Their adaptable approach has yielded success in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, Australia, and Europe.

Furthermore, the company actively explores VR technology to enhance corporate PR, showcasing virtual office tours for overseas recruitment.

Introducing two new ventures, “SeiRogaiTV” and “Global Virtual Travel,” SeiRogai, Inc. aims for SeiRogaiTV to become a Netflix-like platform featuring Japanese and Southeast Asian content. Meanwhile, Global Virtual Travel focuses on VR-based tourism and DX platform development for regional revitalization.

The presentation closes with an invitation for attendees to visit their booth for further information. They emphasize their dedication to globally sharing Japan’s allure, integrating innovative technologies, and offering unique experiences through their services. Please also prepare short SNS blurb (Japanese) with hashtags for this corporate article posting on our company SNS (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).