A Taste of Creative Gibier Cuisine in Japan

To me, nothing is quite as exciting as the thrill of trying out new dishes and new restaurants. The coronavirus pandemic has made me appreciate even more the novelty of diving into exotic dishes that were not prepared at home. Hence, when I was invited to try a new restaurant for JNTO’s (Japan National Tourism Organization) “Taste Tour Japan” series featuring Japanese Food and Restaurants, I jumped at the opportunity!

私にとって、新しい料理や新しいレストランを楽しむことほどワクワクすることはありません。今回のコロナ禍で、家では作らなかった異国の料理を食べることの新鮮さをより強く感じるようになりました。ですので、JNTO(日本政府観光局)の「Taste Tour Japan」シリーズで日本の食とレストランを特集するにあたり、新しいジビエ料理レストランに招待されたとき、私はその機会に飛びつきました!

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Ranked #10 in Japan Blogs & News Websites!

Feedspot has featured my blog in their list of Top Japan Blogs and News Websites to Follow in 2021!
Happy to be featured for the third year consecutively. =)


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Enjoy the Four Seasons at Showa Memorial Park!

Showa Memorial Park—opened in 1983 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of Emperor Showa’s reign—is majestically laid out with seemingly endless grounds to explore. Canals, fountains and other water features, as wells as sculptures found in the gardens give the park a grand ambience reminiscent of European estates. Impressive features, such as a huge circular fountain crowned with intricate statues complete the sense of grandeur.


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Itabashi Bologna Children’s Book Hall

Explore new worlds today with a visit to the Itabashi Bologna Children’s Hall! The diversity of international books makes it a great place for adults and children alike to gain insight into languages and cultures from across the globe.


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English-Japanese Bilingual Blog Update!

Originally I started this blog in Japanese for work, as it is sent out as a weekly newsletter and I get to improve my Japanese while living in Tokyo, but I have since received some requests to write in English as well. With bilingual content, non-Japanese friends can read about my Tokyo adventures, while Japanese readers can also hopefully practice some English 😉 So starting today, I will try to include English text alongside the Japanese and make it more bilingual!

どうぞご覧ください〜 よろしくお願いいたします~!

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