Exclusive: Interview with Minato City
SeiRogai x 港区にインタビュー掲載

As COO and Co-Founder of SeiRogai, Inc., I’m thrilled to share that Minato City Hall and the Minato City Industrial Promotion Center gave us an exclusive interview that delves into the core of our company’s mission. At SeiRogai, our passion lies in serving as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, opening doors for companies to expand overseas and showcase this remarkable country. Continue reading for the full interview and story!


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Navigator for Channel Japan by Nikkei and the Japan Cabinet Office

I was recently invited to be the “Navigator” on a TV program broadcast by Nikkei in collaboration with the Cabinet Office. Channel Japan is the centerpiece of Nikkei’s efforts to introduce information about Japan to overseas, especially across Asia. The show was broadcast on Nikkei as well as CNBC Asia, and is now available also on their official YouTube Channel.

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Workcation in Ehime Prefecture

Ehime Prefecture, consisting of the northwest area of Shikoku Island and several smaller islands in the Seto Island Sea, is one of the lesser-known regions of Japan. I spent about a week there in January.

It was my first trip to the Shikoku area and to be honest, I was not sure of what to expect of Ehime. I had heard that even for Japanese people, many will choose to visit different regions on the Honshu main island first before venturing out to Shikoku.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find Ehime a beautiful area to explore with tranquil nature and unique historical buildings.

In this blog post, I will share highlights of my time in Ehime exploring tourist attractions, meeting with the locals, as well as introduce the teleworking facilities we used!




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Happy New Year 2023!

In 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic hit and changed so many lives around the world, I had rung in the new year at Zojoji Temple. As we are entering the post-covid era, I find myself again returning to Zojoji Temple in the new year. Although this time, it is related to our upcoming project filming a virtual tour of Zojoji Temple in collaboration with Minato City.

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East Hokkaido Part III: Mount Io

The recent earthquake was such a disaster in Hokkaido… But amidst the avalanches, broken roads, collapsed houses, the Japanese spirit of resilience to such hardships is amazing and truly shines through. This past summer, I had the chance to visit Hokkaido for the first time. Although visiting Sapporo is arguably the most popular for first-time visitors to Hokkaido, I wanted to explore the much less travelled Eastern Hokkaido, famous locally for its three volcanic lakes, Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, and Mt. Io. In this post, I hope you will enjoy visiting Mt. Io with me!

北海道の最近の地震は本当に残念なことですね…しかし、土砂崩れ、家屋や道路の崩壊があった中、苦難から直ぐに立ち直ろうとする日本の精神は素晴らしいと思います。私は、今夏 初めて北海道を訪れました。札幌は人気がありますが、私が訪れたのは道東の3つの火山湖(阿寒湖、摩周湖、屈斜路湖)と硫黄山です。 今回は硫黄山について書きたいと思います~

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