Climbing the Career Rock Wall

The ladder is a typical metaphor often used to describe a career path to success. However, in today’s changing world, we simply cannot predict what steps may or may not seem to lead us toward success, or the unexpected opportunities that could come our way. The coronavirus pandemic has made this reality come into clear focus for many. Rather than a straightforward path upwards to achieving career success with more prestigious titles and bigger paychecks, it has become more common for people around the world to consider the career climb as a rock wall.


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Rachel Leng Harvard Prize Book

Harvard Prize Book 2020 Awards Ceremony

This year is the first time the Harvard Prize Book Awards were presented virtually, and I was humbled to contribute to the ceremony as the Alumni Awards Presenter for Japan.

From March to June 2021, I prepared a speech addressed to the high school students screened at the awards ceremonies, and met virtually with some of the winners to discuss their interests, ambitions, and dreams.

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Interview with Wasabi Cultivator David Hulme

On a day trip to Okutama (about an hour west of Shinjuku), I met with wasabi cultivator David Hulme, an Australian expat and former journalist who has been working hard to expand knowledge of wasabi growing and restoring an old wasabi patch!

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