What is HLAB?

HLAB is a summer school program that promotes Liberal Arts to Japanese students. Affiliated with the Japan-America Student Conference and American Universities such as Harvard and MIT, HLAB’s mission is to provide liberal arts education beyond generation and nationality as well as an experimental place (Laboratory) for new framework of educational system in Japan.

High school students, university students, and working people from all over the world gather to think about independent career choices and future design in a diverse environment.

HLAB was founded in 2011 for that purpose. Based on the concept of “liberal arts that transcends borders,” this is an education and international exchange program that advocates a new form of career guidance through cross-border and cross-generational exchanges that do not depend on deviation values ​​or brands.

“Liberal arts” advocated by HLAB is “a system that can provide maximum support for individuals to face themselves, look for interests, and make independent choices for the future.” HLAB will accomplish this mission in a diverse space with participation from all over Japan and around the world.

Since there are borders between schools and generations around Japanese high school students, it is easy to spend three years in a closed environment. HLAB removes that border, touches people and ideas that you wouldn’t normally meet, and provides an opportunity to think about the future.

[Kyoto, Japan]

Sagano High School x HLAB Forum Speaker on Career & Life Goals

A training program jointly sponsored by our school and HLAB (general incorporated association) was held for two days on August 26th and 27th.

This training program is for applicants of our school and Global Network Kyoto School (* 1).
“Think about your own course from a global perspective” “Explore about Kyoto”
“Acquire English / cross-cultural communication ability” “Acquire problem setting / solving ability by thinking and acting independently”
It is done for the purpose of things, and this is the fourth time this year.

[Tokyo, Japan]

Guest Speaker at Free Interaction Session